Sunday, April 8, 2012

Call from CSU Northridge Students to Stop Mass Incarceration!

Dear Fellow Students,

I am writing you on behalf of the “Stop Mass Incarceration Network” at CSU Northridge. Some of you may be aware that April 19th marks the day of national action Against Mass Incarceration and social injustice. With the recent incidents involving Trayvon Martin and the police shooting that resulted in the death of Kendrec McDade, an unarmed black college student in Pasadena, California, we are more convinced than ever that there is an abundance of dangerous racial profiling in the country that is, and has, resulted in the unnecessary deaths of minorities.

These same marginalized people are being stored in prison units all around the country. Our prison facilities house more than 2.4 million people! most of whom are Black or Latino. This is not coincidental. Racial profiling plays a large role in who ends up in the prison systems. Trayvon Martin, Kendrec McDade, and the millions of minority prisoners are all a part of the latest chain of outrages perpetrated, condoned, and covered up by our law enforcement system.

This kind of racial profiling is what leads to the kind of horrific numbers of people who are warehoused in prisons across the country, and millions more who are treated like second class citizens even after they have been punished and served their sentences. Our youth stands no chance against this system, which is designed as a pipeline to prison.

As Students, we have a civic duty to stand against these kinds of injustices and step out in Resistance to Mass Incarceration! We would like to invite you to join scores of campuses nationwide on April 19th by holding rallies, teach-ins, walk-outs, sit-ins, or marching out into the community, to say that we are tired of being demonized and being treated like criminals.

Please organize with your campus leaders to join us in saying “NO” to Mass Incarceration and ALL of its consequences!

Sincerely Yours,

Sara Tekle & Michele Beller
Stop Mass Incarceration Network
California State University, Northridge

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